Dr. Ola Robert Hassan is a longtime Silicon Valley Engineer He started his career at Apple Computers, since then he has worked in various senior level Engineering and Engineering Management capacities in company’s such as EPRO, Memtech/Intel, Maxtor, KLA Instrument, Quantum Corporation and Wave Splitters Corp., a fiber optics company.  Dr. Hassan works as a consultant and mentor to various Silicon Valley High-Tech Start-Up companies.  

Dr. Hassan was appointed the honorary Chairman for small business by the Bush Administration where he was awarded Republican Congressional Medal of Honor.

Dr. Hassan ran for office as a councilman in Milpitas in 2008 and 2013.  He was named and awarded Aluminous of the Year for Mission College in Santa Clara CA where he gave an exceptional, motivational and inspirational speech to the graduating student of 2010. Dr. Hassan has given many educational and motivational speeches at many events including Morehouse College and Silicon Valley Capital Club.

Dr. Hassan has been featured in many local, National and international News Media both print and Television

Dr. Hassan obtained his AS degree from Mission College Ca majoring in Electronics and Chemistry, and Proceed to obtain BSIT and Master Degree majoring in Computer Engineering and Masters in Quality Assurance majoring in Statistics. Dr. Hassan Started his PhD degree program at University of Phoenix and finally obtain his PhD. Degree from Carnbourn University in 2004. Dr. Hassan is about to start another PhD.  program in Genetic Engineering focusing on how to grow Decaffeinated Coffee instead of methylene chloride and water decaffeination which is very expensive in the Coffee Industries. Dr. Hassan also sturdy MBA at University of Phoenix

Dr. Hassan is the President and CEO of Ola’s Exotic African Coffee and Tea Inc.   Dr. Hassan founded Ola’s Exotic African Coffee and Tea with other High-Tech industries colleagues.  Dr. Hassan’s company specializes in growing, procuring, roasting, distributing Organic low/no acidic African coffees and tea from 8 different countries and regions of Africa.  Dr. Hassan has led a variety of educational, economic and trade missions to Africa, Europe and Asia through the US State Department and US department of Commerce. 

Ola’s Exotic African Coffee and Tea Inc. has become the only African owned vertically integrated coffee company in the world with AAA customer that includes Amazon, Costco, Sam’s Club, Whole Foods and Google. Ola’s Exotic African Coffee and Tea also has a coffee equipment division that patented a 640 watts one cup coffee brewers, and 2-4 cup coffee brewers (available in 220 and 120 volts).

The goal of Ola’s Exotic African Coffee is to Olagized!!!!  the world with the best Coffee and Tea in the world has ever known.