Kasha Iliya, Graduate from Middlesex University London, C/O 2019. 


Kasha lliya is a Jr. Board Member of the SVNED Inc. Leadership Committee. In this role, Iliya is responsible for Public International Relations for Delegation arriving from various parts of the world. Iliya has co-hosted alongside Executive Board Leadership at SVNED a series of Economic Summits hosted in Silicon Valley and served as the 2nd Immersion Program Examination Assessment leader. Illiya held this position during her study abroad program in the U.S. and continues to work remotely on the SVNED team from the UK. Currently, Iliya is Sr. at Middlesex University in the United Kingdom where she will earn a B.A. degree in International Business come July 2019. Iliya has career aspirations to explore opportunities as Diplomat with the United Nations in the advancement of peace and global development. As an experienced traveler, having visited over 10 countries ((Nigeria, Ireland, France, Spain, Greece, Ghana, USA (6 states), Germany, Austria, Dubai, Morocco, Portugal, Turkey), she has observed a common thread surrounding the quest and pursuit of equality and justice. As a result, she is pursuing a Master's Degree in Global Governance and Development. During her educational career at Middlesex University, Iliya was elected as Student Voice Leader, working with fellow students to bring changes in their study and university experience.

Denise Williams