A report from the International Monetary Fund stated in 2015 that Nigeria is the strongest economy in all of Africa. Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product is at $415.08 billion as of 2015. One must ask, what is making this country so profitable? Nigeria has the largest population of people on the continent of Africa. They are also the oldest and largest producers of oil in the world. BCC reports, “Nigeria rebased its economy in 2014 to include previously uncounted industries like telecoms, information technology, music, online sales, airlines, and film production.” (BBC.com) Although there is plenty to celebrate here for the country’s dominance in the economic sector, however, it also necessary to prepare for the future. With the emergence of technologies and reduced dependency on foreign oil globally, more developed western countries are designing modes of transportation and machine operation with reduced dependence on foreign oil. Reduction in oil exports will halt and likely impact the country of Nigeria that has a significant dependence on oil revenues. Thus, creating an avenue of entry for SV-NED to assist in training and development of the talent pool that exists in Nigeria today. The relationship between SV-NED and Nigeria is critical to changing the face of poverty stricken countries and rural areas in Nigeria currently, where their gap only exist because of shortage in investment in technology and training incubators for potential startups and future entrepreneurs. It is vital for Nigeria to create and train their citizens on the next best production and valuable ideas that could create more independence for the country competitive in the future.

The central focus of SV-NED’s mission is to uplift the Social welfare concerns around creating great opportunities for recent college graduates in Nigeria, in the field of Technology and Engineering and for women. SV-NED mission would present strategies that would utilize intellectual and people capital available in Nigeria, to orchestrate a program that would create employment opportunity for the youths, as well as encourage entrepreneurship in the country. 2006 Census found that Nigerians to be among the highest educated ethnic or racial group in America. It is time for this same group abroad, bring back the education they have learned to fuel and create jobs for the economy in Nigeria. To combat and position SV-NED’s mission in preparation for of Donald Trump’s executive order. We slated key CEOs of Technology businesses in Silicon Valley, by engaging them in an early stage dialogue with Nigerian representatives in the field of Technology. The Silicon Valley Keynote speakers shared their interest in working with the Nigerian government to set up start-up incubators for small Nigerian businesses in Nigeria. These start-up firms will align with U.S. incubators in Silicon Valley to gain support from City of San Jose Mayor’s Office by encouraging them to expand their business and employment opportunities in Nigeria. The Mayor’s Office communicated their readiness to initiate a dialogue with the Nigerian government to discuss methods on how the City of San Jose - Silicon Valley can help with employing recent college graduates to fill the gap for skilled labor workforce that is needed in Tech U.S. firms with headquarters in Silicon Valley.