U.S. Silicon Valley Immersion Program 3 Days

U.S. Silicon Valley Immersion Program 3 Days


  • 3-day SVNED Economic Summit

  • 3-Nights Stay at 5 Start Luxury Hotel - Silicon Valley

  • Luxury vehicle rental & personal driver

  • Personal Chef or Room Dining Services

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Experience the amazing culture of innovation capital of the world Silicon Valley. Come and experience the genius behind the global technology giants like Apple, Facebook and Google. Names that are now synonymous with our everyday lives. Silicon Valley is open to international business and welcomes entrepreneurs and individuals from around the world to come and invest in a booming culture dedicated to innovative solutions designed for the future. 

Why visit Silicon Valley?

Imagine a world without your favorite smart devices. Imagine a world without internet connectivity and access to information. Now imagine a world with these revolutionary products and get to know the names and faces behind these solutions when you attend SV-NED Immersion Program summit.