Dr. Sam Haddad - Founder, CEO & President of HTCS

Dr. Sam Haddad is Founder, CEO & President of HTCS www.htcservices.com since 1974.        Sam is a pioneer technologist, visionary and regularly presents invited seminars on Silicon Valley Culture Transfer to entrepreneurs. Sam has mentored/advised 47 startups. Since 1990, he served as consulting professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University.

Dr. Haddad was inducted into Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame www.svec.org  on 2/24/2012; alongside icons: William Hewlett, David Packard, Ted Hoff, Gordon Moore and Steve Wozniak. Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce Named Sam the Businessman for 2004.

Dr. Haddad has been a Consulting Professor of Engineering at Stanford University since 1990 and he has over 40 years experience in engineering R&D, consulting, new product introduction and development, vibration/acoustics, customized software consulting and coaching/training for some Fortune 500 companies. These include Applied Materials, IBM, CISCO, SAIC, NASA, EPRI, US Navy, US Army, nVidia, SSL and Solectron. Haddad also served as Senior Vice President of MetaOption Outsourcing Software for over 5 years.

Sam served as chairman of Advisory Board for InMage Systems, acquired by Microsoft and as an advisor for EmpoweredU, acquired by Qualcomm – both in 2014.  In particular, it was invigorating to serve for over 3 years in Business Development role for “Wheels of Zeus” a company founded by his friend Steve Wozniak www.woz.org who was Co-Founder of Apple Computers. WOZ company was sold to ZonTrak in 2006. Also, Sam was mentored for over 10 years by late Lew Platt, former CEO of Hewlett Packard Company.

Sam has served in faculty and R&D roles at Southampton, Loughborough, Western Michigan, Missouri/Columbia, Santa Clara and Stanford Universities. Also, he was elected as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) from 1996 to 1998 and as Chairman of SVEC Hall of Fame and Awards Board for 8 years. SVEC is an umbrella organization for over 60,000 engineers, scientists and technologists in Silicon Valley & the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Sam has authored/co-authored/edited 6 books, four book chapters and over 150 refereed and conference papers on vibration, noise control, predictive maintenance and diagnostics. Dr. Haddad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering (Honors) and a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Vibration, Acoustics & Engines from Southampton University in England.  He is a Fellow of four professional societies and institutions in UK and United States - lived in UK for over 20 years and in the US since 1984. Sam is fluent in Arabic and English and he speaks Assyrian. Since 1989, Sam lives with his family in San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley.