Obi Anusiem

Obi Anusiem is the CEO and co-founder of NGEX, a data-driven marketing solutions company that helps business reach, engage and understand the global African consumer audience. He has deep-rooted interests in the intersection of data, technology and marketing within Africa and the African Diaspora and leads teams of marketers, programmers and consultants in developing technology based solutions and initiating product development and growth strategies for clients.

He drives the vision and product experience for NGEX and provides strategic guidance on operations and growth strategies and has led the firm in successfully developing a broad and diverse portfolio of assets, for Nigeria and the Nigerian Diaspora. Obi has worked as a consultant on various projects in Africa and the African Diaspora such as market research and price audits for various multinationals; go-to-market strategies for one of Africa’s first mobile money services; market expansion for real estate services; and driving awareness of consumer and financial services products within the African Diaspora in the USA.

He has prior experience in Finance and Engineering roles at several multinationals including Intel, Goodrich, Ford Motor Company and General Motors and has an MBA from the University of Michigan, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Wayne State University in Michigan and a B.Eng in Electrical Engineering from the University of Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.