Babalola Fajobi Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Pagepedia

Babalola Fajobi born in Ibadan, is the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of the profiling application company Pagepedia, Is a Nigerian business magnate, Internet Entrepreneur, Investor, Land Surveyor and philanthropist. He is also the Group chairman of Bafaj group of companies a diversified conglomerate, based in Nigeria, with business interests and subsidiary in neighboring West African countries. Babalola Fajobi is regarded as one of the most successful investor in Nigeria. He is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal technology revolution in Nigeria, Babalola is also the chairman of Pagepedia's parent company, PageOmni Technology.

Babalola Fajobi traces his origins to Ijebu Ogun State, in southwestern Nigeria. He attended Ratibi primary school, Odinjo Ibadan and Adekile Goodwill grammar school for his secondary education. Subsequently in 1985 he attended school of survey in Abeokuta for his HND, after which he did several other courses in survey. Babalola Fajobi worked in Nico engineering company in Kwara State as a project coordinator a position he held for some years, In 1989 he was admitted to Lagos state government office as a project staff, Where he worked till 1995, Then he set up his own Survey company and also Bafaj Investment. He is an exemplary and visionary leader, who has dedicated his life to the service of Jehovah’s kingdom and humanity.

In further recognition of his many contributions to the economic and social development of Nigeria and his consistent commitment to good causes and the Nigerian nation, as a philanthropist, he was active in several social and religious (particularly Jehovah Kingdom) endeavors. He funded the establishment and construction throughout the country, He is happily married with wife and children.